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01 the right girl

Louisette Geiss’ acting/singing/screenwriting career ended in 2008 when she was sexually harassed in the film industry. Since 2017, when media began to report on the stunning accounts of harassment in Hollywood, she stepped up publicly to be a leader in the movement. Her goal was to stop rape culture, ensure abusers are held accountable and to empower all survivors to tell their stories, seek justice and create a new reality. 

Ms. Geiss’ involvement in the #MeToo movement brought many women and men to tell her their story. Hearing so many horrific experiences of abuse was weighing on her heart and health. She knew it was detrimental to all the survivor’s health to be surrounded by such sadness. So, one morning she came up with an idea that would later become realized in the musical, The Right Girl. Ms. Geiss implemented her favorite Wayne Dyer quote, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” “Creating this musical over the last two years was cathartic & born from the desire to create something that gave all survivors a silver lining to such a difficult time.” Ms. Geiss said. 

Louisette was the lead in the class action and chairwoman of the bankruptcy of The Weinstein Company. This is where she met, Howard Kagan, the producer of The Right Girl. Louisette went to him first as she appreciated that he was the only producer/investor open to buying TWC with a focus on creating a portion of the new company for survivors. That deal did not come to fruition but months later, Louisette got up the courage to call Howard and they later met in LA. Howard was excited about the idea. Louisette mentioned to him that Diane Warren would be a perfect fit for this musical.  She knew it in her gut but did not know Diane personally. In a kismet event, Louisette met Diane one month later at a Women’s Empowerment Summit created by The Wrap. Louisette ran up to Diane after her performance, pitched her the idea. Diane said she liked it and gave Louisette her cell number. This is not the norm in Hollywood which is why it furthers how special this kismet meeting was. Kagan brought on the incredible Susan Stroman to direct.  Her immediate support of the show too felt like this show was truly meant to be. The team met the first time in LA, December 2018 and the rest is history or herstory as this case may be.

Louisette and the producing team sat down with more than twenty of her fellow survivors, women who are victims of over 8 different predators in entertainment. Louisette noted, “By presenting my story and all these incredible women’s stories, often in their own words in a format like musical theater, elevates their stories which we hope will resonate & empower an even bigger audience. I am often asked to participate in documentaries, press, events which often end up costing me time and money but I do it to keep the education going and stop predators. It is not easy though and can often trigger me and many of the other women so to give back to them here is imperative to me. The beauty of this musical, The Right Girl is it is the first time I have been privy to witnessing the survivors share in the financial success of the show when tickets go on sale. All contributing survivors receive a percentage.” This is what means so much to Louisette, the ability to bring art and sustainable support back to women from whom it was stolen. “I worked diligently to reclaim my voice and creative spirit again by writing my story and these survivor’s important stories through this musical/ lyrics. Nothing was easy and nothing was handed to me but it sure feels good to give back and have something positive to focus on after the hell we have all been through. I have a true connection to the survivors and my goal is that my daughters and stepsons will grow up in a new reality. I am also grateful to our production team for persevering during Covid19. Whatever is thrown our way, we find a solution. This is the true art of being a survivor,” Louisette said.

Louisette Geiss said “Admittedly, when I first heard the news of the shut downs, I thought, what the hell else do I have go through to be part of this business! But, Covid pushed us all to show how dedicated we are to getting this musical and our voices heard. Not even a pandemic can stop us and I appreciate the dedication and hard work from our whole team. I am high risk so I applaud the new technologies, the health of our team and audience is paramount.”

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